British Isles Lecture Topics

New Resources for British Isles Research – Learn what new primary and secondary sources have become available and how to access them. Keep up to date on the constantly changing face of British Isles research by learning about recently released original records, new indexes, book, CD-ROM and web sites.

Internet Tools and Sites for British Isles Research – This presentation will provide a systematic methodology for finding the answers you need for your British Isles Research using the Internet. It will highlight available tools, locality sites at the national, county and local levels, plus address subject areas of interest to genealogists.

CD-ROM for British Isles Research – CD-ROM are changing the way research can be done for British Isles Research.  The CD-ROM being produced in the British Isles are much more powerful research tools than those available in North America, yet they are rarely seen in North America. This presentation will demonstrate many of the CD-ROM produced in British Isles and North America. We will examine the major differences in how the CD-ROM are produced, operate and how to obtain.

Effective Use of England’s National Archives Website – Learn how to effectively use the research tools, indexes and catalogs on this large website to find your ancestors and to put them into their correct historical context.

Effective Use of GENUKI: England’s Largest Free Genealogy website – Learn how to effectively use the largest free website for British Isles research. Understand how the site is organized and to find it’s the many resources tools on the site. Plus see how to find its gems for specific local research.

Effective Use of FindMyPast for English Research – Learn how to effectively use this large commercial website for British Isles research – census, civil registration, emigration records, military records and more – with lots of case studies and practical research hints.

Has Your British Isles Research Already Been Done? – Learn a systematic approach to what sources have to be examined to know if research on your ancestors has already been published, or other people are currently working on the research. This will examine the library sources, the obvious and the more obscure, and how technology is changing this process.

Are you Lost? Using Maps, Gazetteers and Directories for British Isles Research – Learn what maps, gazetteers and directories are available for researching your ancestors in the British Isles. Learn from examples how to make good use of these tools to find where your ancestors are, what they did, when, where, and why they may have moved.

Follow Your Migrating Ancestors – Our ancestors moved over long and short distances within the British Isles. See examples of the records that show where our ancestors moved, where they went, and often why they moved as well.

Occupation and Guild Records – Learn about apprenticeship, freeman and guild records and how they controlled your ancestor’s trade. Identify sources to put your ancestor into a true occupational context.

Locating British Mining Records – Learn what genealogical and historical records are available to identify and locate the place of origin of your British mining ancestors and how to put them into their correct historical context.

Sources for Landed and Titled People  – Learn what original, published and internet sources are available for tracing your “upper crust” ancestors, those who are titled and or owned land. Prove those connections to Royalty.

Tips for Organizing Your Research Trip to the British Isles – Learn lots of practical do’s and don’t’s for your research trip to the British Isles. See how to plan your schedule in advance based upon your research needs.