Ireland Lectures

Finding Your Ancestors in Ireland:  This is a good overview of procedures to follow in performing Irish research. Lots of examples illustrate the wide variety of records that can be utilized in the research process.

Irish Emigrants to North America: Before, During and After the Famine:  Learn about the routes taken and the reasons for the emigration from Ireland to the U.S. and Canada before, during and after the famine. Learn how this mass movement of people can affect your research, plus what tools and records are available to trace your Irish ancestor.

Irish Taxpayers: 1820-1864: Learn how to access your Irish taxpayers in the Tithe Applotment Books and Griffiths Primary Valuation and to locate them physically on the ground. See and understand the wealth of information these records contain.

Tracing Your Ulster-Irish Ancestors: Learn about the origins of the Ulster-Irish and their settlement in Ireland. Learn when and why they migrated to North America and what records they generated in the process that can assist you in your research.

Irish Maps and Tools for Finding the Right Place: Learn about the different ways to describe locations in Ireland, understand the creation of maps and the importance of the Irish Ordnance Survey both physically and culturally. Learn about the different types of maps that exist and how to access and read them

Irish Land Records: Understand Ireland’s Land records and their importance to researchers, from the 17th through 20th Century. Learn what has survived in originals and transcripts, their strengths, weaknesses and how to access the originals and supporting indexes.

Finding Your Irish Ancestors in the British Military: Learn about the organization of the British military and procedures for tracing officers and enlisted men. See Irish examples of the wealth of genealogical information the records contain and how to access them.

Tracing the Irish in U.S. Records: An overview of U.S. records and research procedures with a special emphasis on unique sources for finding Irish ancestors.