Online Presentations for Dummies – Free eBook

Free Resource

In writing this blog I have two purposes in mind. One is to keep readers up to date on British Isles resources both in print and online. The second is to provide tips and ideas for genealogical lecturers to improve their presentation skills.

This free offering came online yesterday and since I am guessing most of my readers are not subscribers to Training Magazine Network I thought I would bring this offering to your attention. It is a free eBook – Online Presentations for Dummies offered by KnowledgeVision but I don’t know how long the offer will last.

I have not had the chance to read the book yet, as I am rather busy with other things (read yesterday’s post) but the table of contents looks interesting.

1. Understanding the What and Why of Online Presentations

2. Uploading Your Presentation to the World

3. Audio Narration: Can You Hear Me Now?

4. Video Synchronization: Seeing is Believing?

5. Chapters, Footnotes and Widgets: Putting it All to Work

6. Track and Act: Turning Views into Insight and Action

7. Ten Ways to Make Your Online Presentations Sizzle?

I admit that not all speakers have moved to online presentations yet, but a number of them are experimenting with the technology. This book may help in improving what gets delivered and the price is definitely right.



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