Scotland Lectures

Finding Your Ancestors in Scotland

Brief Summary: This is a good overview of procedures to follow in performing Scottish research. Lots of examples illustrate the wide variety of records that can be utilized in the research process.

Finding Your Scottish Ancestors: The Big Five

Brief Summary: We will examine available indexes, how to access and interpret the five primary records groups for Scottish research: civil registration, census, church records, probate and land records. These are the primary records you need when searching for anyone from the fifteenth to the twentieth century.

Scottish Church Records: How to Access, Use and Interpret

Brief Summary: Learn how to access, use and correctly interpret the information found in the christening, marriage and burial registers of the Church of Scotland. See examples of problems to watch for, clues given for further research and what to do when your ancestor is not found.

Scottish Civil Registration: How to Access, Use and Interpret

Brief Summary: Civil registration begins in 1855 with rapidly changing requirements and records. Learn how to use the indexing tools, and interpret the information provided on the certificates to find additional ancestors.

Making Sense of the Scottish Census

Brief Summary: Learn the how to perform searches in and utilize the information contained in the 1841-1901 Scottish census returns. See the value of and how to access the growing number of indexes. See the value of pre-1841 census lists.

Tips and Tools for Navigating the Scottish Probate System

Brief Summary: Learn how the Scottish probate system works and what records it contains. Learn tips and tools for using new indexes and procedures which will simplify the search process, whether the ancestor’s location in Scotland is known or unknown.

Effective Use of ScotslandsPeople – Scotland’s premier research website

Brief Summary: Learn tips and see case studies on how to navigate and economically use this pay per view commercial website used for Scottish civil registration, census, church records and probate. Plus see how and when to use alternative websites and indexes.

Scottish Research using the Internet

Brief Summary: See examples of commercial and free websites for Scottish research, with examples of how to use efficiently.

Finding the Correct Place: Maps and Gazetteers for Scottish Research

Brief Summary: Learn the important history of map making and see examples of many examples of the different types of maps available, many now online and how they can be used to assist in your Scottish research, plus learn about the different gazetteers that will assist in finding the correct location.

Scottish Kirk Session and Poor Relief Records

Brief Summary: The Scottish Kirk addressed many moral and practical issues within the community leaving a vast collection of records. Learn how to locate and use these records to add flesh to the lives of your ancestors.

Scottish Burghs and their Records.

Brief Summary: Scottish Burghs were created beginning in the early middle ages. Learn their history, their common characteristics, the value of their vast record collections and how to access them.

Finding Your Scottish Ancestors in the British Military

Brief Summary: Learn about the organization of the British military and procedures for tracing officers and enlisted men. See Scottish examples of the wealth of genealogical information the records contain and how to access them.

Overlooked Sources for 17th and 18th century Scottish Research

Brief Summary: Going beyond the basics learn what records, published and originals are available for 17th and 18th century Scottish research.

Overlooked Sources for 19th and 20th century Scottish Research

Brief Summary: Going beyond the basics learn what records, published and originals are available for 19th and 20th century Scottish research.

Scottish Emigration to North America: Before, During and After the Rebellions

Brief Summary: Learn the reasons for emigration from Scotland to the U.S. and Canada and how it was influenced by events on both sides of the Atlantic. Learn where the emigrants settled, what records they created and what tools are available for tracing your Scottish ancestors.

Tracing Your Scotch-Irish Ancestors

Brief Summary: Learn about the origins of the Scotch-Irish and their settlement in Ireland. Learn when and why they migrated to North America and what records they generated in the process that can assist you in your research.

Tracing the Scots in US Records

Brief Summary: An overview of U.S. records and research procedures with a special emphasis on unique sources for finding Scottish ancestors.

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