Worldwide Indexing Event – Mark the Date – Sunday July 20, 2014

Worldwide Indexing Event

FamilySearch is hosting a Worldwide Indexing event with a goal of reaching 20,000 participants involved in one 24 hour period. The period is from Sunday July 20, 6 pm (MDT – Mountain Daylight Time) to Monday July 21, 6 pm (MDT). Participants will be encouraged to work on projects from their native language and world region but you do have the freedom to choose where you want to get involved.

FamilySearch has accomplished some impressive indexing goals. The whole of the US 1940 Census was indexed. Since then the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Community Project completed the indexing of over 75 million records.

The One Billion record milestone was reached in March 2013. As of Tuesday May 20, 2014 a total of 1,162,470,188 records have been indexed. This is an impressive number that continues to grow. If you want to check out the current total you can do so at 2014 has been designated as the Year of the Obituary and so far over 17 million names have been extracted and indexed from obituaries.

Don’t wait to the last minute to get involved. Go to and find a project that interests you and get involved. Do some practicing before the July 20, 2014 Indexing Event. There is a new indexing program coming soon with no software to download, you can index anytime you are connected and you will soon be able to index from your tablet.

Share the news about this Worldwide Indexing Event and get involved.

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